William P. Cowart

William CowartWilliam P. Cowart
Vice President/Principal In Charge

Mr. Cowart graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and has over twenty five (25) years specialized experience in moisture control within all aspects of building envelope construction throughout the United States and Caribbean. Areas of extensive experience include exterior wall, glazing and roofing assemblies, curtain walls, EIFS walls, cavity walls, elastomeric sealants, exterior wall and deck coatings, vapor barriers, expansion joints and above/below grade waterproofing. His experience includes both ASTM and AAMA field and laboratory testing, analytical laboratory testing for chemical and physical properties of various construction materials, forensic analysis, design and specification development, design peer reviews, construction litigation and quality assurance. Mr. Cowart also has considerable experience in concealed condensation phenomena within building envelope construction and hygrothermal computer modeling developed to predict potential issues with respect to concealed moisture accumulation within various construction assemblies. Clientele has included commercial building owners, school boards, universities, governmental authorities, airport authorities, asset/property managers, healthcare facilities, theme park operators, general contractors, architects, engineers, insurance companies, sports authorities, general contractors and attorneys.

Contact William at (813) 623-2323 Ext. 24 / wcowart@CMCFlorida.com.